Sylvia Plath: Marriage

While studying at Cambridge, in February of 1956, Plath met her husband, poet Ted Hughes. After only four months of knowing each other, the two married on June 16, 1956 at St. George the Martyr Holborn in London. They honeymooned in Benidorm in Spain.

The marriage was kept a secret for some time due to Sylvia’s scholarship and schooling. When it was found out, her position at school was still safe and Plath and Hughes finally moved in together in a flat in Cambridge.

From the time of their wedding through 1957, Plath continued school and Hughes taught at a local school within Cambridge. In late 1957, the couple went to the United States and settled down in Boston. Plath went back to Smith, while Ted went to the University of Massachusetts. But that did not last long as in 1958 the two left their positions to become full time writers. It was also during this time that Sylvia met Anne Sexton and George Starbuck while taking a seminar writing course taught by Robert Lowell. Meeting Sexton allowed Plath to be open about her suicide and psychiatric problems.

In the Fall of 1959 Sylvia and Ted spent time in the Yaddo Writers’ Colony in New York. During the stay many of the poems in Plath’s first published collection of poems were created.

In late 1959 Plath and Hughes were expecting their first child (after much difficulty). Before the birth of the baby, they moved in December 1959 to London. On April 1, 1960 Frieda Hughes was born. Shortly after the birth of Frieda, Plath’s first collection of poetry, The Colossus, was published.

Plath became pregnant a second time, but it ended in miscarriage and hospitalization. She did, however, get pregnant a third time and gave birth to her son, Nicholas Hughes, on January 17, 1962.

By mid-1962, Ted Hughes had begun his notorious affair with Assia Wevill. Plath separated from Hughes in July of that year. Plath then lived alone with her children at 23 Fitzroy Road, the flat where she would later kill herself in.

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