It feels better today
than three years of yesterdays
I accept her affair
acquiescing that she won.
I deleted all the e-mails
put away the pictures
read the cards a last time
erased every message
voice and memory from the past.
It does feel better
to dignify defeat
and to start over
in the rediscovery of me.
Time mercifully clouds vision,
but those moments linger on
reminding me that I once loved
even if the enchantment would not remain.
So I embrace fate’s dictation
realizing that there is a purpose,
and that experience cannot be acquired
nor can the future be predicted,
but I know it does get better
on an appointed day and time,
and that a new horizon awaits
when I am able to perceive
a clean slate of my future
ready to be written.

Syed Salman Abbas.

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